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1. Freedom of Speech
2. Freedom of the Press

Individuals have the right to peacefully assemble & protest against government actions or policies.

W/in certain legal limits, ppl can express their opinions social media w/o fear of gov't censorship.

Individuals can practice their religion & express their beliefs w/o interference from the gov't.

Scholars can research, publish findings, & engage in intellectual discourse w/o censorship/reprisal.

Political commentators can freely Xpress their opinions on gov't policies, elections, & politicians.

TV and radio broadcasters can deliver news reports and cover events without government censorship.

Reporters can investigate issues of public interest, e.g. gov't corruption or corporate wrongdoing.

Artists can create works that express their ideas, beliefs, or criticisms w/o gov't interference.

Filmmakers can produce/distribute docs that explore social, political, or environmental issues.

Journalists can report news & provide analysis on current events in newspapers & news websites.

Individuals can give speeches in public spaces to voice their opinions/advocate for certain causes.

Online news outlets can publish content without fear of government intervention.