Sus actividades

  • Dictado

    Кликнете бутона START, за да стартирате слушането. Прослушайте и запишете последователно изреченията от текста. Към всяко следващо изречение за слушане преминете с бутона NEXT. Обърнете внимание на п...

  • Dictado

    Tod's family


    Write the the text you hear. Type the numbers with words. The text is about the turtle Tod from your activity book ex. 6

  • Ordenar Palabras


    Ordenar Palabras

    Listen to the recording and point the words of the clothes you hear. Study their correct spelling.

  • Mapa Interactivo

    Irregular verbs

    Mapa Interactivo

    Say them and study the irregular verbs - these are some of Ir.V. started with B, C, D, E Good luck!

  • Video Quiz

    Unit 3

    Video Quiz

    lesson 3