Sus actividades

  • Ordenar Palabras

    organize this idea

    Ordenar Palabras

    According to the story, organize the next idea

  • Ordenar Letras

    Organize the next word.

    Ordenar Letras

    Here you should organize the letters to find the correct word. you can help yourself listen to the audio and look at the image. (aqui usted debera organizar las letras para encontrar la palabra co...

  • Sopa de letras

    School elements.

    Sopa de letras

    Looking for the list of school elements in the soup letters.

  • Dictado

    In this activity you are going to remember vocabulary about parts of the house. write the complete text in English.

  • Diálogo

    listen to the conversation between Sara and Luis and identify your nationalities.

  • Adivinanza

    What is this job?


    Guess the next riddle about a particular profession and occupation. Good Luck!

  • Mapa Interactivo

    What time is it?

    Mapa Interactivo

    To learn how you can say the time in English look at the short demonstration, after that start to play, so you should click on the correct answer (click only one square) according with the descript...

  • Crucigrama

    Here you are going to learn about the principal body parts of the animals through a crossword. For that you can use the clues where there are some images which help you to complete in correct form t...

  • Relacionar



    Hi, Dear students! Classify the next list of animals according with the correct group. for that choose four animals by each group. Clasifica los siguientes animals de acuerdo al grupo al que pe...