Sus actividades

  • Adivinanza

    Times of the day


    After learning and working in the workbook, student have the chance to review tlhe vocabulary with this riddle.

  • Completar

    Before and After


    After practicing this grammar and doing exercises in the workbook, students are able to practice with this game.

  • Completar

    Was and Were


    Was and were is one of the main ways to express the past tense. Student will practice the modal verb by completing the sentences in simple past.

  • Adivinanza

    Pizza toppings


    After reviewing pizza vocabulary students will be able to mention the toppings it has a pizza by guessing the clues of this riddle.

  • Ordenar Letras

    Christmas vocabulary

    Ordenar Letras

    Students will understand the culture and learn a more extensive vocabulary about the Christmas holiday.

  • Dictado

    Capital letters


    Students should remember the first letter should be capitalized on a title or proper name. The following dictation student should be able to identify where Capital needs to be placed.

  • Test



    This test is to review if student are able to identify subjects in a sentence.

  • Relacionar Columnas


    Relacionar Columnas

    Emotion is a mental state variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.

  • Crucigrama

    Parts of the house


    A house is a building that functions as a home. This crossword is for students to reinforce the vocabulary being thought in this lesson.

  • Sopa de letras


    Sopa de letras

    After learning the culture of Halloween celebrated in United States, students will practice with a word search puzzle Halloween vocabulary.

  • Dictado

    A compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences joined with a conjunction, with this dictation students will identify the conjunction being used.

  • Completar

    Some and Any


    The words “some” and “any”' are quantifiers. We use 'some' and 'any' with a noun when we don't know the amount. The following activity student should complete the sentence with the correct quantifier.