Sus actividades

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    Prasal verbs


    Complete with the right phrasal verb.

  • Relacionar Columnas


    Relacionar Columnas

    Match the idioms with the right picture

  • Relacionar Mosaico

    Match the headlines

    Relacionar Mosaico

    Chose the right picture to the headline

  • Completar

    Listen to the conversation and complete with the prepositions you hear. Then, complete the grammar chart.

  • Sopa de letras


    Sopa de letras

    Find some known professions. Good luck!

  • Relacionar

    Personality types


    There are four types of personality. Find out which adjectives describe them better.

  • Completar

    Listen and complete the sentences with the expressions already learnt in the first activity.

  • Sopa de letras

    A great movie that you surely watched once or more in your life

  • Completar



    Listen and complete. Then, make a similar conversation about movies you have seen.