Sus actividades

  • Dictado

    stress sentence


    listen the dictation or audio and get where the stress is in the sentences. write the stress in capital letters

  • Presentación

    Stress in sentences


    A presentation about of the rules of Stress in sentences

  • Relacionar Columnas

    Stress in Words

    Relacionar Columnas

    Match the word with the correct Stress descrptio or rule.

  • Sopa de letras


    Sopa de letras

    Try to find all the occupations. Enjoy it!

  • Completar

    Read the text and try to fill in the blanks the missing words to find the correct occupation and the vocabulary related to.Enjoy it!

  • Crucigrama

    Look at the tdescription about occupations and write the occupation in the crossword puzzle.

  • Relacionar Mosaico

    Matching Game

    Relacionar Mosaico

    Match the picture with its occupation title.Don't forget to take into account the time limit.