Sus actividades

  • Relacionar

    Associate words


    In this activity please relate the words that belong to each group

  • Relacionar Columnas

    More Vocabulay

    Relacionar Columnas

    If the previous activities have not yet reinforced their vocabulary, we hope that relating the images is much more pleasant for their learning

  • Ruleta de Palabras


    Ruleta de Palabras

    In this activity he will reinforce his vocabulary for you business. The words described here are found throughout the developed book When placing the word the initial letter is UPPERCASE.

  • Mapa Interactivo

    Vocabulary finance

    Mapa Interactivo

    In this activity he will reinforce his business finance vocabulary

  • Relacionar Mosaico


    Relacionar Mosaico

    In this activity we will learn the most important vocabulary use in marketing