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  • Test

    In this test, you will show your understanding about Blacks and Whites' carnival in Pasto.

  • Relacionar

    Grouping activity


    In this activity you will group some concepts under four categories (Colombian festivities): Day of the little candles, Barranquilla's carnival, Blacks and Whites' carnival, and Flower fair in Medelli...

  • Ordenar Letras

    Barranquilla's Carnival

    Ordenar Letras

    In this activity you will order some letters to form the answer to a question related to Barranquilla's Carnival.

  • Diálogo

    You are going to read and listen to a dialogue between two people. They talk about Medellín's Flower Festival. Pay attention to the pronunciation and the grammar structures they use.

  • Completar

    In this activity you will have to complete a paragraph that contains information about The Carnavlito, which is one of the most important parts of this whole festivity.