Sus actividades

  • Sopa de letras

    Word search vocab ghetto

    Sopa de letras

    Word search vocabulary practice on ghetto life. For educational purpose only.

  • Relacionar Columnas

    Match the sentence and meaning

    Relacionar Columnas

    Lyrics to Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' matched to possible meaning. For educational purpose only.

  • Completar

    I have a dream


    Gap text of the I have a dream speech by Martin Luther King. For educational purpose only!

  • Relacionar

    Facts and opinions


    Practicing with facts and opinions. Educational purpose only.

  • Video Quiz

    Video and questions on weapons and school shootings. Educational purpose only.

  • Mapa Interactivo

    Names of foods

    Mapa Interactivo

    Names of foods for the menu. For educational purpose only.

  • Relacionar Columnas

    Match food and country.

    Relacionar Columnas

    Match American foods and the country it officially comes from. For educational purpose only.

  • Test

    Habits around eating based on article students had to read. Educational purpose only.

  • Completar

    Use the present simple for explaining rules and schedules. Educational purpose only.

  • Test

    Multiple choice and true/false question about the American High School system. Educational purpose only.

  • Completar

    Translating words that have to do with values and norms. For educational purpose.

  • Relacionar Columnas

    Do's and Don'ts.

    Relacionar Columnas

    Do's and Don'ts in American Culture. Educational purpose only.

  • Relacionar Mosaico

    American values

    Relacionar Mosaico

    Match the value to an aspect that fits with it! Can you do it? Created for educational purpose.

  • Video Quiz

    Introduction before Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech.