Sus actividades

  • Sopa de letras

    body parts

    Sopa de letras

    Learners will be divided into groups of five. They will attempt to find the vocabulary previously studied in class.

  • Crucigrama

    In this game, you will have to complete the crossword using the vocabulary in which you have already been exposed to.

  • Dictado

    In this task, you will listen to a person talking about drainage engineers. As far as the video starts to play, you will have to write while you listen.

  • Relacionar Columnas

    Land surveying- matching

    Relacionar Columnas

    Match the following words with their respective meaning.

  • Crucigrama

    Surveying crossword


    In this particular task, you are required to put your knowledge into practice in order for you to learn and remember all the aspects studied.