Sus actividades

  • Crucigrama

    Emotional Responses


    Read the clues and complete the puzzle with the words missing from the expressions.

  • Ruleta de Palabras

    Vocab & phrasal verbs review

    Ruleta de Palabras

    With this game, students will revise some handy vocabulary and phrasal verbs.

  • Completar

    With this exercise, students will practice the use of BOTH, EITHER and NEITHER.

  • Completar

    With this exercise, students will learn to use expressions made with prepostions AT, IN, OUT OF and BY.

  • Crucigrama

    Thanks to this crosswords, students revise vocabulary related to Christmas.

  • Crucigrama

    Thanks to this crossword, you will revise the contents you have already learnt in the infographic you have been previously presented.