Sus actividades

  • Sopa de letras

    In this activity we will practice and remember which countries around the world speak English as first and second language.

  • Relacionar

    What is a controversial issue? Issue: a point in question or a matter that is in dispute or may be argued about because of its importance: Controversy: a fierce and long public dispute concerni...

  • Crucigrama

    In this activity you will practice vocabulary seen in class related to "Politics".

  • Completar

    Past unreal conditionals are often used to express wishes about the past. They often show regret, or sad feelings about something that happened in the past. Here's an example: "If I had studied, I ...

  • Crucigrama

    Adjective clauses.


    You're probably already familiar with adjectives. They modify nouns and pronouns, providing a description or information. Adjective clauses, however, are groups of words that contain a subject and a v...

  • Relacionar

    Talent vs skill.


    “Talent” and “skill” are two different things. Both concepts are about the ability or potential of an individual to deal, work, and perform a particular task.

  • Ordenar Palabras

    Reasons for changing plans.

    Ordenar Palabras

    People make plans as part of our routine, some plans can be for special events like vacation trip, or a birthday, perhaps a wedding or just some special activity. Our plans can be changed for differen...

  • Completar

    In this activity students will be able to practice vocabulary seen in class related to situations that represent a chance of something negative to happen.