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Speaker: I was worried before our ferry journey. It takes nine hours and I was sure the children would get bored. The first hour went quickly as we watched England disappear into the fog and then we had something to eat but, when we had finished, there were still seven hours to go. That’s when the entertainment started. There were magicians, games and then a pantomime, which the children loved. By the time it had all finished, we could see land ahead of us and, an hour later, we were in the car on the next stage of our journey.
A: Good morning. How many bags do you want to check in?
B: Just two. Here.
A: This one weighs 30 kilos. The limit is 20 kilos. You’ll have to pay £5 a kilo for the other 10 kilos.
B: How much does the other one weigh?
A: That’s 10 kilos.
B: So that’s 40 kilos for two bags, so it’s OK.
A: No, it doesn’t work like that.
B: Well, can I take some things out of the heavy suitcase and put them in the light one?
A: Yes, but not here. You’ll have to go to the back of the queue.
B: Oh no! I’ll pay the £50!
Daughter: Hi, Dad.
Dad: Hello. How are you?
Daughter: Great. We’re having a really nice time. We went for a long walk today. Now we’re waiting for a disco this evening.
Dad: How are Mr Davies and Miss Jones?
Daughter: They’re OK. They had to phone two parents to collect their children because they were being difficult but they seem more relaxed than in lessons.
Dad: That’s good. Poor parents. That’s a long way to drive. They won’t be very happy. I hope we won’t have to do the same.
Daughter: Don’t worry, Dad. There’s no danger of that.

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