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____________________ are organic compounds produced by cells and living organisms . The four major types are carbohydrates , lipids , nucleic acids , and proteins .
Among biomolecules , nucleic acids , namely ____________________ and ____________________ , have the unique function of storing an organism's genetic code ? the sequence of nucleotides that determines the amino acid sequence of proteins , which are of critical importance to life on Earth . There are ____________________ different amino acids that can occur within a ____________________ ; the order in which they occur plays a fundamental role in determining protein structure and function . Proteins themselves are major structural elements of cells . They also serve as ____________________ , moving nutrients and other molecules in and out of cells , and as ____________________ and catalysts for the vast majority of chemical reactions that take place in living organisms . Proteins also form ____________________ and hormones .
Likewise , carbohydrates , which are made up primarily of molecules containing atoms of carbon , hydrogen , and oxygen , are essential ____________________ sources and structural components of all life , and they are among the most ____________________ biomolecules on Earth . They are built from four types of sugar units ? monosaccharides like ____________________ disaccharides , oligosaccharides , and polysaccharides like cellulose and ____________________ . Lipids , another key biomolecule of living organisms , fulfill a variety of roles , including serving as a source of ____________________ energy and acting as chemical messengers . They also form ____________________ , which separate cells from their environments and compartmentalize the cell interior , giving rise to organelles .