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Please ____________________ at your child : she's completely happy !
They ____________________ how the murderer was executed .
He was really ____________________ pretty angry when he came back from his work .
It's really wonderful to ____________________ at all those happy faces .
I'm not happy with my children ____________________ tv all day .
What are you ____________________ ? Did I do something wrong ? The boy was looking out of the window to ____________________ the snow fall .
You can ____________________ at me as long as you want but I don't change my mind .
It's very pleasing to ____________________ children while they're playing .
I really didn't ____________________ it when it happened .
At this moment the world is ____________________ what is happening in Libya .
Do you ____________________ what I mean ?
She's ____________________ tv until midnight .
Please ____________________ at me when I'm talking to you .