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Long ago in the city of ____________________ , lived two noble families , the Capulets and the Montagues . There was much ____________________ between the two families . Romeo , the son of ____________________ , went in ____________________ to a feast at the house of Capulet where he met Juliet , ____________________ daughter . They fell in love with each other but they could hardly believe their ____________________ . Romeo and Juliet ____________________ their love and married in secret the very next day . While Romeo was coming back from the secret ____________________ , he came across ____________________ , Juliet's cousin , who had been arguing with Romeo's friend ____________________ . In the fight that followed , Tybalt killed Mercutio and then fell dead from Romeo's ____________________ , so he had to escape from the city of Verona . Juliet was helped by the ____________________ who had married them . He would give her something to drink , which would make her ____________________ for forty hours . Her family would think she had ____________________ . Meanwhile , the priest would send a ____________________ informing Romeo , who would then take Juliet away with him .