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Future Perfect Simple

Present Perfect Simple

Present Continuous

Present Simple

Past Perfect Simple

Future Simple

Past Perfect Continuous

Future Continuous

Past Simple

Present Perfect Continuous

Past Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous

My company will hire ten more software designers.

My friends were working a summer job last year.

My dream job involves animals and nature.

The job fair is offering free interview training.

Maria will have taken the job but she will not have any experience.

The surgery had taken too long so the family got anxious.

My job has gone overseas and opened a new office in London.

We had been waiting for the door to open for 12 hours.

Marcos has been visiting human resources three times per week.

Students will be preparing for their university entrance exam in 3 years.

My mother worked at the government office all her life.

Carlos will have been working at Apple but he probably will not.