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1 Concerning several aspects of a matter, several dimensions
2 Science that studies the functions of the human being in the absence of disease and pathologies. It is a basic science, studies from the functioning of the organs that make up the human being - and its interrelation - to the functioning of the cells that compose them
3 cardiorespiratory stress test; It studies in a global and non-invasive way the integral response of the organism to exercise, through a rational analysis of the respiratory, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, neuropsychological and musculoskeletal systems
4 Property of being able to contain a certain amount of something up to a certain limit, refers to the resources or attitudes that an individual, entity or institution has, to perform a certain task or assignment
5 Routine or usefulness of a thing in relation to what it costs, with what it spends, with what it has invested, etc., or the fruit of a person's work or effort. Effers the proportion that arises between the means used to obtain something and the result achieved
6 It is a system designed to classify the physical or physical type; It is used to estimate body shape and composition, mainly in athletes; It is a useful instrument in physical fitness assessments based on age and sex
7 is one of the basic physical capabilities, particularly that which allows us to carry out an activity or effort for as long as possible
8 it is a word that represents what varies or is subject to some kind of change. It is something that is characterized by being unstable, inconstant and mutable
9 an unknown quantity using as a parameter a known quantity of the same magnitude that will be chosen as a unit
10 it is almost mechanical since it consists of carrying out series of exercises previously established to develop certain skills or increase the muscles. The objective of this is to achieve maximum potential in a specific period
11 are those physical activities that aim to burn fat using a high amount of oxygen. These exercises, which allow to improve the resistance of the person, are not very intense but they develop over extended periods
12 Time interval between two people, two events or two things, usually of the same nature
13 Person who practices athletics or, in general, some sport, is a person who has a physical capacity, strength, agility or endurance above average and, consequently, is suitable for physical activities, especially for the competitive
14 state of immobility of a body subjected to two or more forces of the same intensity that act in the opposite direction, so that they are counteracted or annulled, immobility of a body, subject only to the action of gravity, which is keep at rest on its base or lift point
15 Chemical element of atomic number 8, is a colorless and odorless gas that is found in the air, in water, in living beings and in most of the organic and inorganic compounds; It is essential in breathing and combustion, it is used in welding and is administered to patients with respiratory problems or to people flying at high altitudes
16 Material thing, fact, event, reason or argument with which one proves or tries to prove that something is in a certain way and not in another. Action to prove someone or something to know their qualities, verify their effectiveness, know how it works or reacts, or what result it produces
17 Physical ability to perform a job or movement, Application of this physical ability to something
18 Consistent, homogeneous and malleable mixture that is achieved by undoing solid substances, crushed or pulverized into liquid substances, numerous grouping of people, animals or things of the same nature, close together and forming a homogeneous and defined body
19 position of a person's body. This is linked to the location of the trunk, limbs and joints at a certain time. Bad body posture can cause various disorders