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reisibüroos töötama

nii lapsed kui ka täiskasvanud

kedagi kuhugi kutsuma

millelegi osutama


Ma ei saa päris hästi aru...

parim õpilane

mõned aastad tagasi

töölähetuses käima

a top student

call somebody over to some place

I don't quite understand ...

a couple of years ago

children as well as grown-ups

work for a travel agency

go on a business trip

point to something

a map of the world

Robert's dad has been ...

In the last science class we ...

Miss Clark said it was ...

Olivia could show ...

Nobody knew ...

on business trips to Estonia.

gathered at the map of the world.

Estonia on the map.

about the project called Let's do it!

the country clean-up day in Estonia.

We didn't understand why people ...

The clean-up day ...

We're going to learn ...

Thousands of volunteers ...

The video showed people carrying ...

old tyres, fridges, and broken furniture.

how to keep our country clean.

was only one day.

dump hosehold waste in the woods.

picked up rubbish from the countryside.