Sus actividades

  • Sopa de letras

    Figuras literarias

    Sopa de letras

    Encontrar las diferentes figuras literarias del idioma Español

  • Relacionar Mosaico

    Likes and dislikes

    Relacionar Mosaico

    Match the images with the sentence that relates the like or the preference it reffers to

  • Sopa de letras

    Jobs vocabulary

    Sopa de letras

    In this activity, students have to recognize and find the vocabulary for common jobs

  • Sopa de letras

    Something about me

    Sopa de letras

    Personal information is very important when we want to talk in another language and introduce ourselves to an audience

  • Mapa Interactivo

    Places around my world

    Mapa Interactivo

    Different common places in student's daily life and the world around

  • Crucigrama

    In this game, students are going to identify common situations and things that are related to them or completely differ of what they are or like.